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YAŞIK MAKİNA started its activities in 2006 as a special design machinery manufacturing and continues its activities with Ali Tahsin YAŞIK. Activity of our company: Production plants according to demand production machines design and projects to prepare the machine and make the installation of the machine in your workplace to make the installation and commissioning. In the period of guarantee to service in the fastest way to prevent production service to make the service. Spare parts and outside the warranty period to perform maintenance activities on demand.

Composite manufacturing methods have been found in many studies also associated with the first composite profile production machine in Turkey in 2008, it has performed the manufacturing Pultrusion machine. Afterwards, he produced many composite production machines and equipments and formed a highly specialized technical staff.

Pultrusion machines are produced as 100% domestic production. pultrusion machines only in Turkey but also has domestic manufacturing certificate.

For over 10 years, we have been manufacturing world class pultrusion machine.

About Us

Pultrusion Machines

Pultrusion engaged in the production of 100% domestic production of machine Yasir machine also single pultrusion machines in Turkey with a local manufacturing company document.

Yaşık Machine

100% Domestic Production

Pultrusion machines in Turkey

only company with local manufacturing documents ...

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 Differences between Rebar and Composite Reinforcement

Differences between Rebar and Composite Reinforcement

It can be used safely in all kinds of prefabricated and field applied concrete works which are specially produced by Pultuzyon technique.

What is Pultrusion?

What is Pultrusion?

Pultrusion is a production process for producing reinforced polymer structural shapes in continuous lengths having a constant cross-section.